Bbn Cleaning Services (Beta Bravo Negozi Sa De Cv )

Monterrey, Mexico

About us?

BBN Cleaning and Maintenance is born from the successful experience of more than 10 years in the management of outsourcing, providing 100% professional services to its customers.

* Our goal is to provide a cleaning and maintenance service with quality to our customers, becoming part of the value chain in each of them.

* Currently it is not only important to have the best economic or material resource, but with the best human resource. That is why we at BBN devote special attention to our staff, which is the important basis of our operation, supported by 3 main factors:

-The Elaboration of a Specialized Routine for each Client.
Together with our clients, we design a work routine for each operator, according to the needs of each client, optimizing and optimizing the time of each element.

-A Narrow Supervision
It is the key phrase of the operation that guarantees excellent customer service, because through it we provide. the correct performance of our employees

-Realization of Quality Audits
Through the implementation of a person with several years of experience in the field, he goes through all our services evaluating the performance of his colleagues, making the necessary observations and corrections, and that being in direct communication with the Managements allows us to adjust timely what lack in these services.

**** What would you get with our service ***
Trained personnel, carefully selected.
Reliable and effective staff that will apply the latest techniques for the development of its function.
Immediate response in case of faults.
Narrow supervision that detects and exchanges elements that are not working in the service.
Quality Audits that detect failures and offer improvements for the same service.
Elaboration of Check list that allow to follow up the work routines.
Design and implementation of quality surveys in the service.
BBN has the financial backing of its Corporativo Grupo Energéticos, which is the main distributor of diesel for PEMEX, with its own plants and transportation equipment throughout the country; For this reason we can offer our clients negotiations
attractive and formal, as well as economic security to our employees.

Contact information
av.fundidora #501
Monterrey, Nuevo León
Tel: 0181-81268800
Tel: 0181-81268800