Kabla Diagnósticos

Monterrey, Mexico

Kabla Diagnostics is a leader in Mexico in diagnostic devices such as: Rapid Toxicology Tests such as Drug Anti-Doping in formats of strips, cassettes, panels and flasks, Rapid Alcohol Tests, Nicotine Tests, as well as Tests for Infectious Disease Detection such as (sexually transmitted diseases, respiratory diseases, liver diseases, vector diseases, enteric diseases, sepsis) as well as tests for cardiac markers (Troponin I), rapid tests for tumors and inflammatories (specific prostate antigen, occult blood in stool, Calprotectin, Alpha-Fetoprotein, Carcinoembryonic), Rapid Fertility Tests (Pregnancy, Menopause, Ovulation, Male Fertility) Rapid General Health Tests (Microalbuminuria).

We are also leaders in Point of Care Solutions in Glucometers, RAMP Analyzers, Sofia, Hemoglobin Meters, Lipid Meters, Uroanalysis.

Finally we have a wide range of Testing Laboratory in Molecular Biology, Direct Immunofluorescence, Inmunoblot, ELISAS, Testing Latex, Serums and Blood Grouping, Febrile Antigens.

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Loma Blanca 2900
Col. Deportivo Obispado
Monterrey, Nuevo León
Tel: 81-44441001
Tel: 81-44441001
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